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Retreat and Reflect

For me this turning of autumn toward winter brings an instinctive movement inward. It begins a time of warm soups, candles lit and quiet music. Usually my winter reflection time begins with a meditation retreat which has been my yearly ritual. This year I wondered, as I chose to do a painting workshop/retreat, if I'd made the right choice. What I soon discovered was once the intention to do inner work is set, the inner dance begins whether it includes asana or timed painting.

With every stroke of the brush or whatever tool you use, when we are fully present we can touch inner barriers, holdings and beliefs. Each movement whether it's a slow tentative step or a swooping broad movement changes everything...if we allow it. Each of the studies completed during the week became a meditative dance with shape, colour and mark and the inner stuff they bumped up against. Shapeshifting in oil and wax,